La Fessee/Infirmieres a Tout Faire/Secretariat Prive(Claude Bernard-Aubert, Alpha France Films) [1976-81, Feature, Classic, DVD9]

La Fessee/Infirmieres a Tout Faire/Secretariat Prive

Year of production: 1976-81
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Classic
The duration: 03:23:00

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert
Studio: Alpha France Films

English language
Cast: Dominique Saint Claire, Elisabeth Bure, Laura Clair, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Guy Royer, Richard Lemieuvre, Piotr Stanislas Anne Sand, Catherine Ringer, Corinne Lemoine, Danielle Altenburger, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Parèze, Emmanuelle Rivière, Laurence Jarry , Liliane Lemieuvre, Lucette Gill, Maria Malone, Marie-Christine Chireix, Martine Grimaud, Perrine, Antoine Fontaine, Massimo del Arte, Jacques Marbeuf, Michel Carin, Richard Lemieuvre, Jean-Paul Siemenec, Charlie Schreiner, Olivier Mathot

Description: 3 MOVIES CULTE DE BURD TRANBAREE LA FESSÉE (1H11) When she gives her first spanking, Mr. Léon’s mother is far from suspecting that she is giving her to toddler the kick-off of a long and fruitful sexual career! Since then Leon, become ‘Master Fessor’, has unceasingly to discover round the aphrodisiac virtues of spanking. A very exciting little wonder of the golden age of the French Cinema X released with a triumphant success on March 17, 1976 in Alpha France! NURSES AT ANY TIME (1H04) In a very special clinic, superb nurses with explosive libido and hyper-exciting underwear in their white coats, lavish on their ‘patients’ very special care before shamelessly offering them their inflamed rumps. An effective ‘therapy’ which attracted a record number of spectators when it was released on November 7, 1979 in the Alpha France theaters! .. PRIVATE SECRETARIATS (1H08) For Jean-François, reconciling sexual pleasure with work is only a question of organization: thus he has as mistress the executive secretary who is also the mistress of his wife which does not bother him to take care of the accountant who is none other than the sister of the little maid he is also the lover! A truculent and brilliant work applauded as soon as it was released on February 24, 1982 by a crowd of bureaucrats who came to fantasize in the Alpha France theaters!

Menu: Yes
Video Quality: DVD9
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: 720×576 4/3 7840 kbps 25.000fps
Audio: AC3 Dolby Digital, 48000Hz, 2ch, 192kbps
Size: 7.44 GB

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